10B5 Enjoinder Report

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If you've experienced a foreclosure or securitization audit before, prepare for something distinctly impactful. Unlike conventional audits, this report dives deep into the intricate web of financial and legal infractions, leveraging insights from Whistleblower testimonies and discussions to illuminate the sophisticated dynamics of mortgage fraud, REMIC violations, and systemic financial injustices. It's a comprehensive exploration that not only identifies issues but also underscores the urgent need for systemic change, making it an essential tool for anyone seeking justice and transparency in the face of financial adversity.

This compelling audit report, prepared for the IRS Whistleblower Office, is not just a discovery document—it's a call to action against systemic financial and legal malpractices. With meticulous investigation into tax exemption status violations, securities discrepancies, and legal non-compliance, it shines a light on the dark corners of financial fraud and identity theft. Crafted to engage and inform, this report seeks to rally support for accountability and change, urging a collective move towards rectifying deep-seated issues within our financial and legal systems.

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What is a 10B5 Enjoinder Report

The Rule 10b-5 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 is a fundamental regulation designed to prevent fraud in securities transactions. It prohibits the use of any device, scheme, or artifice to defraud, making untrue statements of material facts or omitting to state material facts necessary to make the statements made, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading, and engaging in any act, practice, or course of business which operates or would operate as a fraud or deceit upon any person, in connection with the purchase or sale of any security. This regulation serves as a cornerstone for maintaining transparency and integrity within the financial markets, protecting investors from fraudulent practices.

The audit report delves into critical financial and legal compliance issues, spotlighting systemic failures and malpractices within mortgage transactions and securities. Key findings include widespread identity theft, tax evasion, and substantial violations of Rule 10b-5 regulations, underscoring a pattern of deceit and fraud. The report advocates for urgent reforms and accountability measures, aiming to restore integrity and protect consumer rights in the financial sector. Its analysis extends beyond typical audits by revealing interconnected abuses and the urgent need for systemic change.

It helps uncovers significant findings related to Ownership Laundering and money laundering within real estate transactions, emphasizing the systemic manipulation of property titles to obscure illicit funds. Key highlights include:

  • Instances of identity theft facilitating property fraud.
  • Tax evasion tactics through complex real estate schemes.
  • Violations of federal and state financial regulations.
  • Recommendations for legal and regulatory reforms to address these issues.

Prospectus, REMIC breakdowns, and bullet points within the report illustrate the extent of these malpractices, offering a clear visual representation of the data without revealing sensitive details.

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Enjoinder Methodology

The audit methodology encompasses a comprehensive approach to examining financial and legal compliance within real estate transactions. This involves systematic data collection from public records, legal documents, and financial statements. Analysis techniques include forensic examination of documents for signs of fraud, statistical analysis to identify patterns of malpractice, and comparison against regulatory requirements. Though this is not to be construed with legal advice as it is meant for discovery purposes, Third-party experts in law, finance, and real estate were consulted to ensure a thorough and unbiased review. This multidisciplinary approach ensures a robust understanding of the complexities involved in ownership laundering and money laundering within the sector.

Implications and Actions Methodology

The audit outlines a complex framework for addressing wrongful foreclosures and the misuse of mortgage loan trusts, emphasizing the violation of tax-exempt status of Special Purpose Vehicles and the improper collateralization of assets. It proposes accounting sanctions and injunctive relief as remedies, incorporating legal and financial calculations to rectify the aggrieved parties' tax matters. The text delves into the legal intricacies of mortgage electronic registration systems (MERS), the role of beneficiaries, and the wrongful foreclosure processes, suggesting a method for calculating damages and remedies for those affected. Thus far the audits performed to date have brought forth the following discoveries on a Nationwide scale:


  • Legal and Compliance Risks: The findings suggest widespread non-compliance with tax laws and regulations, posing significant legal risks to entities involved.
  • Operational and Financial Impact: The misuse of REMIC trusts and foreclosure processes indicates operational weaknesses, potentially resulting in financial losses and penalties.
  • Reputation and Trust: The documented fraudulent activities severely damage the reputation of financial institutions and outline economic warfare against its population.

Actions and Recommendations Provided:
  • Comprehensive Audit and Remediation Plan: Conduct a thorough audit of all mortgage loan trusts and foreclosure processes, and develop a remediation plan to address any identified issues.
  • Enhanced Internal Controls and Compliance Measures: Implement stricter internal controls and compliance measures to prevent future violations of tax laws and regulations.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Transparently communicate with stakeholders about the findings and the steps being taken to address the issues, in order to restore trust.
  • Remonstrance Enjoinder: Every audit performed was a result of the Remonstrance that went before Congress for Congressional Hearing. Our goal has always been to provide a propondurous of evidence.

These audits contain a comprehensive remedy calculation for addressing tax matter issues arising from false claims of mortgage loan trusts, highlighting issues such as wrongful foreclosures, the misuse of the MERS system, and the violation of tax-exempt status of Special Purpose Vehicles. It details the collateralization process, damages incurred due to wrongful foreclosure practices, and proposes an audit-based remedy involving GAAP adjustments and recalculations of REMIC assets. The aim is to correct financial misrepresentations and provide recompense for those affected by these practices, with a strong focus on legal and financial accountability. The purpose is to wake up judges aiding and abetting these dirty DEEDS into realizing they would make more 1000 times more money for the Administration of these Public Trusts by prosecuting the perpetrators.

Embrace your Calling

Stepping into the role of a whistleblower is a profound call to duty, a path chosen by the courageous few with the vision to see beyond the horizon. It's about wielding the power of knowledge—not as a weapon for destruction but as a key to reclaim what we hold dear. By utilizing the forms we provide and taking a stand, you're not just challenging the status quo; you're contributing to a larger cause. It's not about retribution or destabilizing the system, but about restoring balance in the most humane way possible. When bad actors are held accountable, their debts transform into opportunities for correction, paving the way for unity and true prosperity. This isn't just about financial recalibration; it's a journey towards peace through genuine progress. Secure your 10b5 enjoinder through Zelle at audit@betterquest.com, and take a step towards a brighter, more equitable future..


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