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Introducing the Whistleblower Pie Platform, where expert voices converge to shed light on systemic crimes against humanity and offer actionable remedies. Led by Faith B and Billie P, our shows delve into a myriad of topics ranging from property rights and constitutional beliefs to medicinal and spiritual healing. Stay tuned for our debut show titled “Hell Fire Pie!”, where we kick up the dirt and save our American Dreams with new podcasts.

Join us in our mission to save America's lands, homes, and lives by staying informed and getting involved. We invite individuals with knowledge or experience to share their insights and be featured guests on upcoming shows. Whistleblowers and Sponsors inquire at

Future shows provide a platform for humanitarian efforts of American men and women who seek to save America's lands, homes and lives, while offering remedy and knowledge of their first hand experiences.

Scheduled to launch this spring:

  1. Renee Wyler presents "Let’s Talk": Offering insightful findings from her Wyler Mers Audit Report and updates on actions taken across America for landowners, alongside a focus on voting integrity.
  2. Linda Nash dives into "Nashing the Dirty Deeds and Cleaning up the Land Records of America!"
  3. Thom Davis and Rene’ Powers team up in "The Cowboy and The Lady": Join them as they tackle the chattle thieves of our Republic.
Coming this summer:
  • Brp Health EDU Ministries introduces "Healing Both Spiritually and Physically Through Anointing Oils".

Interested sponsors can inquire at